Dreams and Goals

Children have dreams. Do adults still dream? Or perhaps, they may recall having nightmares instead. The nightmares of recent disasters and failures. The world is not as scary as it seems to be right now.

When we were just kids, we used to dream a lot. More often, our dreams were always somehow related to the last things we saw that day. Our dreams were associated to our feelings and reaction towards what we saw and what we felt that day, or the previous days.

We saw an amazing toy, and we dreamed about it. We watched an amazing cartoon series or a movie, then we dreamed about it. We listened to a scary story that gave us goosebumps, then we dreamed about it.

Our happy dreams created hope for us, as little children, to have the happiest life ahead. Our ambitious dreams, as little children, allowed us to expect for better futures. Sometimes we have dreamed of something as big as being heroes, or some made do with dreaming of a toy car. Sure we had big ambitions like being in a band or creating innovations or being the next Einstein. And it is in these dreams that we get to create a better version of our lives, of what we currently have.

As we grow up, we lose our dreams. Some lose their dreams to their goals; while others totally lose all of it. It is a sad thing losing all the dreams. People settle for what they have and they forget how big the world is; how there is so much to explore, so much to do and so much to look forward to.

And, yes, some lose their dreams to their goals. And this is not totally sad. The grown-ups create goals to achieve. A goal could be becoming the manager of a company in 3-years time, or getting the highest-paying job.

Other people’s goals are bigger. These goals are called dreams. They may not be aware of it but these are dreams. The dream to open a clothing business or a computer business. The dream to open your own real estate company.

They do not call it dreams as they think dreams are always wishful thinking and a waste of time. They do not realize though that these dreams could create the fuel needed gnite the burning desire to reach it–the dream.